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Effortlessly host Rust game servers with our comprehensive documentation. Optimize performance and create immersive gaming experiences!

📄️ Adding a Custom Map via URL

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to enrich your Rust game server with custom maps. This step-by-step tutorial will walk you through seamlessly uploading and implementing personalized maps, ensuring a unique and thrilling gameplay experience for your community. By utilizing Dropbox, the process becomes both efficient and user-friendly, allowing you to effortlessly integrate breathtaking landscapes, challenging terrains, and limitless possibilities into your server. Get ready to elevate your Rust server to new heights, captivating your players with an unforgettable adventure that sets your gaming community apart!

📄️ Why is my servers FPS capped at 60fps

In the context of Rust servers, it is widely recommended to impose a limit on the Frames Per Second (FPS) to prevent unnecessary strain on the server hardware without offering any tangible benefit to players. According to Facepunch, the developer of Rust, capping your server's FPS at 30 will not have any discernible impact on the players' gameplay experience. Consequently, many server administrators opt to set a fixed FPS of 60 for all their Rust servers.